Monday, September 29, 2008

The Wisdom of Arthur

I was super grumpy coming home from work today. Didn't even turn on the radio, just rode home feeling hot and gross and growly, sick of work, not wanting to do my interview, not happy with anything.

We leave the TV on for our dog now, ever since our friends Wyatt and Jenni said how it made their mastiff, Percy, a little calmer and happier while they were out. Budha was so mellow today that he didn't even run up for his usual HELLO! HELLO! HELLO!, just stretched and yawned like he was saying, O, you're back again? After turning off the alarm, I sat there on the coach with him, curled up on the pile of blankets, griping still about the interview I had to do and work and family troubles. 

The PBS show Arthur was on, and suddenly I heard, "A is for Angry." And then Arthur (a funny little bear man for those who've never seen it) said, "Whoa, D.W.!" (my initials!) to another funny little bear she-woman who was griping about something. Was it a sign or just one of those odd coincidences? It doesn't matter; it sure made me smile though.


Kendrick Brinson said...

chin up, dani.
i enjoy your blog. i've found, unlike a diary, which i can never keep, when i have a minor audience it makes me actually write regularly, which i'd forgotten how much i enjoy.
hope it does the same for you.

ps arthur isn't a bear. heh. although he does look like one.
he's an aardvark. who knew?

Danielle Wong Moores said...

An aardvark! I never would have guessed. Maybe if I had kids I'd know more about this stuff.

Thanks for the chin up! I like your blog too...and I agree, it definitely encourages me to write more. Plus, here I get to play, which I think helps when I have to come up with something creative for an actual freelance assignment!