Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I See Dead People...

We'd signed up for a ghost tour while in Charleston this weekend, and knew we were in for it when the guide started right in on the "scary" ghost stories, complete with startled eyes and dramatic voice inflections. "I've actually seen a ghost....RIGHT on this very tour!" she intoned.

WE doubted that we'd be "in tune" with anything, until we stopped at a cemetery. While the guide was in the middle of another riveting tale, suddenly one of our tour mates said, "What's that?" Her face peered through the iron bars of the cemetery fence. "I see something!!"

We all craned to look as she continued, "I saw a glowing circle...it was flashing different colors!" Our guide said, "Wow, you probably saw an orb...it's the sign of a spirit!"

Cameras clicked. Then, the same lady said excitedly, "Look, I see a man in a white shirt!!" Pause. Then, our guide: "Um, that IS a man in a white shirt."

Turns out the "orb" was a flashlight.